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Connor ~ Vista, CA

 The salsa is delicious!  Good heat, nice flavor with a touch of sweet.  Well done!

Steven ~ Hillcrest, CA

I'm in love with your strawberry preserves!!!! My wife and I would go out and buy biscuits just to eat it. We will for sure buy more in the future. 


Jenna ~ San Diego, CA

You're my best friend right now.  This ice cream is amazing!

Steve ~ Palm Springs, CA

Salsa was a big hit – it is gone.  Had some friends over and salsa was incredible. 

Levitt ~ Escondido, CA

Salsa is really good!!!  I tried the applesauce today...Yummy!!...taste like the little cinnamon bears!

Marie S. ~ Tucson, AZ

Love that Mango Salsa!!!

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